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What makes us different?

Boleng is a turn key fibre solutions company with a focus on not only implementing a project, but providing a service to our clients which matches that of a partner. Our philosophy is based on the fact that long term business relationships are achieved by having a vested interest in our clients own objectives and business philosophies.


Our team is made up of dynamic individuals with unique skills to delivery the best, cost effective solution to our clients – on time, every time.

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Providing a Number 1 Service

The Team has over 16 Years experience in the specific Telecommunications industry.

Fast Performance

Built and deployed 3 800 GSM base stations (2004 to 2017).

Unmatched Skills

Planned, Build and Installed the hole infrastructure for the 100 years ANC celebrations in Bloemfontein ( 2010 ).

Built and Integrated 370 Access Sites, 8 Core Sites and 2 Aggregation sites for the Gauteng Broadband Network (GBN) Project

Safe Choice

Design, Built and Supported the JD Group MPLS Network across multiple fibre, GSM and Telkom networks

Design, Built and Supported multiple Telecommunications Infrastructure Solutions for Business Parks & Residential Estates




Our team specialises in the project management  of any type of civil project (single and multi-disciplined) from concept to finish.


Our inhouse drawing office and draughtsmen are ready to produce building plans and build documents.


From planning, costing and constructing - our team is the right fit for you. 



Boleng Infrastructure Management offers a turnkey solution for any cellular-type site build.


We construct the site from foundation, fence, tower rigging  (any type), RF installation, electrical installation, microwave installation and commissioning.


We also construct rooftop sites, shared sites as well as billboard sites.




With the ever changing needs of the  telecommunications industry, we pride ourselves in adapting and ensuring connectivity for everyone. 


We specialise in different configurations, from Microcells, Transmission, RDS, Rooftops, Greenfields to the latest optic fiber development.


We also offer a vast range of the latest structural brackets and maintenance solutions to accommodate any clients preference.



We have a solution for your sites that requires monthly or yearly maintenance. Our dedicated teams are able to adapt to any scope of work requirements.


With our comprehensive reporting tool (self-developed), you will always have an accurate, real time overview of any project.


We are geared for emergency maintenance on sites that are effected by theft or malfunctions.  





Our fibre specialist team can install optic fibre infrastructure in metro and rural areas as well as on long distance routes between cities and towns.


Our solution includes:

• Network planning and design

• Design drawings of In-side-plant 

• Out-side-plant 

• Right of way and way leave       


• Health and safety

• Civil works for ISP and OSP

• Aerial and Under ground fibre

• Splicing

• OTDR testing 

• Quality management and sign off

• As built documentation

• Maintenance and support

• Program and project management

Fibre is the fastest and most reliable internet technology available in South Africa. Fibre internet makes use of glass fibres and light technology that allows you to access the internet at extremely high speeds.

If you need an internet connection that is reliable, fast and able to manage multiple devices at once without breaking a sweat, Fibre is the way to go!

Why Fibre

Thinking about moving from ADSL?


Fibre is much, much faster than ADSL which means that your whole online experience is much faster eg. downloading emails and files, loading websites, streaming videos etc. This is because ADSL runs over your old telephone line which is a copper cable and was never really meant to do anything more than making sure you can phone your granny. Whereas Fibre was developed much more recently with the sole purpose of transmitting data at incredible speeds. Oh, it’s also made out of tiny glass particles so it doesn’t get nicked!


Thinking about moving from LTE?


Mobile networks still offer great convenience, particularly for people who work on the go and don’t rely on a fixed network. However, mobile networks in urban areas are often congested, with too many users clogging the network and reducing the overall quality and speed of connectivity.

As there are not enough base stations available in South Africa to accommodate the vast number of users, mobile data networks are often over utilised, which results in major lags and frequet disconnection!


We've entered a new world of Fibre possibilities, which means the inconsistent speeds of ADSL and LTE are a thing of the past.

Don't blow your budget on data to stream Netflix series, Showmax movies or stream movies off Google Play Movies and Amazon Prime. Don't miss a minute of your favourite entertainment and enjoy in high definition, unbuffered quality

Share the same fast connection around your home – everyone under one roof can be browsing, watching, listening, downloading, playing and chatting at once.

Your on-line gaming skills will be even more impressive as no lag will make the game faster and more interactive

Work from home effortlessly as sending and receiving files are no longer a challenge. Now you can move pics, documents, images and larger files quickly and without headaches!


What download speed do I need?

10 - 20 Mbps


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